A Shark Deterrent to Keep You Safe in the Ocean!



Be Confident

Forget your fear of sharks and feel more confident in the water


Feel Unique

Give your board a distinct look that separates you from the pack



One of the most affordable shark deterrent systems on the market


Environmentally Responsible

We donate 5% of profits to organizations dedicated to marine conservation!


If any part of your SharkEX decal comes off during the first year with normal use, we’ll replace it. No questions asked!


What Are People Saying?

Bobby K. (Santa Monica, CA)

Bobby 2
"I started to see news reports about shark sightings at some of my favorite spots, and when I saw SharkEX, I thought this would be a great line of defense so that I know I took every precaution necessary to enjoy myself out in the water. Very happy with my decision, and was made easier because the design is fresh."

Brian P. (Woodland Hills, CA)

SharkEX - Shark Deterrent
"Purchased SharkEX because I prefer to surf dawn patrol and sunset sessions.  There tend to be fewer people out in the lineup around those times, so it's nice to know that I will probably be a less desirable item on the shortened menu!"

Shelby C. (Los Angeles, CA)

SharkEX Shark Deterrent
"It was a no-brainer to me.  As a brand new surfer, I have a lot to focus on when I'm in the water to keep myself safe.  SharkEX helps alleviate that one big stress in the back of my mind and lets me focus on actually surfing!"

Tyler H. (Venice, CA)

SharkEX Shark Deterrent
"SharkEX gives me the confidence to get in the water for the time necessary to really develop my skills. My focus is now on what is going on on top of the board, not underneath!"


SharkEX - shark deterrent

No More Fear

The fear of sharks is the #1 reason why people are afraid to grab a board and get in the ocean. Do you want to learn how to surf or bodyboard? Or maybe you’re a parent concerned about your child’s safety? You need something that will make you feel confident and allow you to have more fun in the ocean. With SharkEX you can stop thinking about what lurks below.

What is SharkEX?

SharkEX is a premium quality vinyl decal that applies easily to the bottom of any surfboard or bodyboard. The unique design resembles the patterns of specific fish that sharks avoid as items of prey. Give your board a bold look to stand out amongst the crowd while also using a shark deterrent based on mother nature.